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Playing at Butler’s Orchard

I confess — it’s been a long time since I’ve set out intentionally to get pictures of my kids.  So I bribed them yesterday with a trip to Butler’s Orchard in exchange for a modicum of cooperation.  Here’s the little girl (with her brother making a few guest appearances!).


Never mind that I’m allergic to hay — they were having a blast!  Even with the little one got stuck between two haystacks!


Of course, one of the main attractions of Butler’s Orchard this time of year is picking out the pumpkins.  And, apparently, trying to push a wheelbarrow many times her own size.


And then, while the kids were playing hide-and-seek in the children’s haystack maze, I saw it — this gorgeous light.  Sadly, it seems that 5 and 7 year olds are unimpressed by such beautiful light, but they gave me a couple of easily 10 second attempts….


And yes, I’m completely melting.  When I take pictures with my phone, I’m appreciating the moment far more than the picture.  But looking at these pictures, I’m suddenly overwhelmed by how quickly they are growing up.  Still, as my daughter likes to remind me, “I know you want me to be 5 forever, but you know, I have to grow up.”  Then she’ll give me a hug, look up at me, and add, “But I really love being your kid right now.”


Night Snow

Late Thursday afternoon, the snow began to fall.  We had hoped this would be a good night to begin to transition the kids closer to their regular school night bedtimes.  Alas, at 8pm, I went to take out the trash, and made a shocking discovery.  This wasn’t just any snow.

This was packy snow.

The kind of packy snow that forms a snowball at the merest touch.

With highs predicted in the 20s for the following day, I concluded (with but a momentary sigh of regret) that there was no other reasonable choice to be made.

Plan proposed and accepted with alacrity — the kids bundled up for the cold outdoors, and played outside until nearly 10pm.


This little girl worked soooo hard to build a snowman.  Except, after multiple times of the whole thing falling over, she eventually dubbed it “a snowfort.”


Meanwhile, big brother was posing, showing off cool tricks like making snow stick to his glove (it was seriously packy snow), and unusual dance moves.


Their sleep schedule may never be back to normal, but they had a fantastic night!

ICE! Sculptures

We had an awesome new experience today — we saw the Ice Sculptures at National Harbor with my father-in-law!  The temperature was freezing cold, but as my son says, it was sooooo cool.

Here’s what we saw.

02-making of ice03-enteringTwasTheNightB4Xmas-web04-TwasTheNightB4Xmas-web

Not to disappoint, but they did mention that the mice tails were not actually made of ice.


And a little closeup of the brickwork, below, left.


The slide was clearly my son’s favorite part.  (Daughter says her favorite part is whatever our favorite part is.  Hmmm.)  We had quite a bit of difficulty extracting the boy from the slide area; luckily, daughter entertained herself  by posing next to pink and purple presents (next set of pictures.)


Christmas, 2013

Merry Christmas to friends and family!  We had what we are calling “our most successful Christmas yet!”  That is to say, we have learned a lot about our children over the years, and what is and is not exciting to open on Christmas morning.  An example?  Opening a book on Christmas morning is not exciting.  Yet, opening a set of five books all wrapped together is very exciting!