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An evening at the park

Yesterday was unseasonably warm here in the Washington, DC area.  As in, my car thermometer read 53 degrees as we drove to the park yesterday afternoon.

My daughter actually asked me to take this picture of her — she posed at the bottom, demonstrating how she’s learning to go down the pole.  Glen Echo Fire Station, get ready for a new volunteer. :)Meanwhile, my son, who LOVES sandboxes, was sporting the awesome new sweatshirt his uncle and soon-to-be aunt sent him from Maui!Now that he’s five, my son is full of cool tricks. :)He was actually just pretending he didn’t want his picture taken here.  As in “Hey Mommy, take a picture of me not wanting you to take my picture, okay?”What you can’t actually see in this picture is that my daughter is holding her shoe in her hand.  The shoe that fell off when I pulled her out of the swing, but that she insisted she could put back on herself.  This is about 10 minutes into that effort.Watched my son jumping off this post, saw the backlighting on his hair, and begged him to do it again! You can probably guess where this is headed.  A five year old with a stick, promising not to hit anyone with it?!Yep, right there on the cheek.Somehow made her smile — but see the tears???

Comforting her brother, who was tired, hungry, and upset that he got in trouble for hitting his sister “on accident!!!!!”

Younger daughter hugs older son at Turtle Park

With that, we headed home.  So much for staying to catch the gorgeous light of sunset!  But the kids, shockingly enough, were not especially concerned about my desire to practice exposing in backlighting.  They were much more interested in whether they could still get pizza for dinner after the stick incident. :)

Bye-bye crib!

My daughter is 2.5 and though we kept my son in his crib much longer, my daughter wanted a big girl bed.  For many reasons we decided to skip the toddler bed crib conversion, and yesterday her crib became a big girl bed.  Pictures of that will follow next week, as she strenuously objected to being photographed in her big girl bed today.  So this morning was her last morning in her crib.

Baby girl photos waking up in her crib for the last timeBaby girl in her baby bed before we turned it into a full bedAble to climb out, but not quite thereWaking up for the last time in her crib

This last image shows my mischievous daughter and I having a stand-off about whether she’ll be allowed to play with her blinds in her big girl bed.Toddler girl demonststrates

Here’s to the hope that she’ll be able to sleep this weekend!

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Theresa Jeanne’s Wine Glass Charms

I’ve posted on a few occasions about my sister’s paintings.  (I’ve linked at the end of this post).  For Christmas this year, she surprised my husband with a jewelry tree filled with wine charms she had designed and created!  I waited all day for this 10 minutes of light, right before the sun fell below the tops of the houses across the street….

JMU graduate and artist and art teacher Theresa JeanneBethesda photographer Danie Smallwood photographed Theresa Jeanne


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Here’s to yesterday — a beautiful, almost 60 degree day in the middle of January here in Bethesda.  Whoever would have guessed?!  Today’s a good day to be posting pictures because there’s a wind warning — less than ideal to be chasing those beautiful wine glass charms down the street. :)

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

I know you, reader, may not celebrate Christmas.  But here at my house, we do celebrate, and so I do wish you a very

Merry Christmas!

Pictures of Crispy, our Elf on the Shelf in Bethesda MD

(And 6th day of Hanukkah and 3rd day after the Solstice.)

We had a wonderful Christmas here.  My 2.5 year old daughter is finally old enough to have anticipated Santa’s arrival last night, and my son’s fever that caused him to sleep through church services on Saturday night miraculously disappeared in time to open presents this morning!

I think the most memorable part of this Christmas will always be the Purple Potty.  My daughter asked Santa to bring her “Purple.”  Period.  Later she added that she wanted a Purple Potty.  As we are just starting potty training, I felt comfortable sending a message with our Elf on the Shelf, Crispy (seen above), asking Santa to update her list with a Purple Potty and Purple shoes.  Santa was, to our eternal relief, able to oblige.  And she was pretty darn excited, too!

Bethesda MD Christmas presents on Christmas morning

Wishing you and yours a peaceful start to the New Year!

Tessa Linden - January 12, 2012 - 9:32 pm

Oh my goodness, those purple potty shots are classics! Completely adorable… and perhaps so decent bribe material in her teen years ;)

[...] Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! [...]

A Day in the Life {Lunch-time}

If you follow my blog at all, you know that my greatest passion in photography is documenting “real life” — preferably in pictures that look beautiful, but still “tell it like it is” to some degree. During a rainy day this week, I decided to use the gorgeous (if still a little dark) light from the windows in our dining room to capture “lunch”.  Proof that even the perfectly ordinary can still look extraordinary (right? :)).

I know I’ll love looking back and remembering how my daughter broke into my apparently not-so-hidden stash of photography props and managed to stuff her head into this hat.

Gasp…yes, we so allow swords at the table.  At least for lunch or other “casual” meals! That’s the Christmas tree in the background, there, as my daughter contemplates how to avoid eating her lunch.And there she goes, shoving her cheese over to her brother’s place.My son was in a bit of a hammy mood (and had, in fact, just eaten ham, so I suppose that was appropriate).My daughter had finally talked me into yoghurt instead of cheese.  I agreed, in exchange for a few more pictures of her….Here, she’s admiring her still blue (after 2 days and many washings) hands (the result of an unfortunate incident involving an ink pad that was definitely not washable ink).Caught on camera — my daughter’s preference to use anything but her napkin (here, a pot holder from her play kitchen)!It proved trickier than I had expected trying to feed my daughter while taking pictures too (I was moving too slowly), so my son stepped in to help out.I pulled back a little to catch the full scene, including my son, who apparently opens his own mouth as he feeds my daughter just like his daddy does!Just another day in our lives, but I think I’ll treasure these little moments just as much as the big ones.