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Baby girl with paci

Who doesn’t love a pretty portrait of a beautiful little girl?

Toddler poses on sidewalk in Charlottesville Virginia

I was at an awards ceremony for my sister, who was graduating the next month from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.  While she was showing her art show to my husband, I stayed outside with our doggie and my daughter, neither of whom were actively welcomed into an art gallery, of course.  (Though my dog is significantly better behaved than a lot of people in those situations, but I digress.)

This portrait will always remind me of her propensity to just sit down in the middle of sidewalk.  And the pacifier hanging out the side of her mouth is just so, well, Rheta!

But as much as I love that image, it’s the next sequence that I am drawn to over and over.  And if each stand-alone image is, perhaps, not quite as strong as that portrait above, still this day-in-the-life lifestyle photography captures a sequence of events I’ve seen unfold a million times.  This kind of lifestyle photography is no doubt my favorite — and nothing captures it better than a storyboard!  (Except, perhaps, for an album, but then it’s harder to hang up on your wall and email to eager grandparents!).

Bethesda MD photographer shooting with Charlottesville Va Artist Theresa Jeanne

There she is, just shooting the breeze, looking, actually, a little indecisive about her next mischievous move.  So, she smooths out her skirt, clearly using the time to think.  Suddenly, she remembers that a few minutes earlier, I’d talked her into taking out her paci, and putting it in her purse.  In panic, she checks her purse for the paci.  Not there!  She looks closer.  She rummages around (I’m reminded of Mary Poppins opening her carpet bag and drawing out a lamp).  And finally she emerges victorious.

That’s the power of a storyboard.  A single image just can’t capture all that action.


Ginny Drake - July 29, 2011 - 11:37 am

Love the pictures! You are,most assuredly, an artist with your camera.

I am nursing a broken wrist at the moment, typing with one hand. This is my second summer in a cast (broken foot last year). I’m NOT handling it well. All summer activities are on hold until next year -no golf, no running, no piano playing, no writing, no scrapbooking (my artistic attempt). Am reading alot; got through Les Miserables – what an amazing tome that is! Trying not to whine too much; the other “wine” helps.

did manage to spend a lovely week on VA Beach with kids and grands in July.

Hope everything is well with you and your lovely family. Hi also to Beth & Tom.

With warm regard,

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