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A Photo Safari!

My birthday present this year was to send myself (while hubbie took care of both kids, who, as a side note, didn’t get up until 10:20am!) on a Photo Safari — Washington Photo Safari offers a weekly tour of some of the monuments here in DC, and since I rarely find myself shooting anything but people (snicker if you want), I thought this would be perfect.

This picture just epitomizes for me the feeling that yes, these men and women were and are protecting us.

I found this to be an especially meaningful day to go on this field trip into Washington, DC given that it is the 9th anniversary of 9/11.  I was living in DC in 2001, and I don’t think I will ever forget the utter confusion, horror, and even, at times, something akin to terror that I felt that day.  Still, what really stands out in my memory was the bizarre feeling of calm logic that swept over me as I watched, on CNN, as the Towers began to fall.  That strange focus that led me to think — I need to go the ATM, I need to call my family, should I leave the city?  Definitely not by car, perhaps my bike.  And wondering in the middle of everything whether Georgetown would be canceling my graduate classes that morning.

Photographing at the Vietnam Memorial and the Korean Memorial, surrounded by Veterans of both wars, was an incredibly powerful reminder of how grateful I am to the Veterans and those who currently serve our country.  I can only hope some may even find a few of these pictures meaningful.

This picture just makes me laugh — after trying out a million angles, I finally decided it would be more fun to make it look like the horse was alive and was jumping over a fence (or something like that).;)

But back to the photography.  After a fun, informative, and at times emotional morning, I must conclude that I will probably stick to people.  ;)   Still, here’s, ahem, a few more…;)

And thank you to E. David Luria for this fabulous photography “Safari” experience!

Happy Weekend and Go Skins!  (Yep, football season has begun and I will be at the game tomorrow!!!!!!)

- Danie

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